That Difficult First Novel-Update

I feel like my writing is a mess at the moment, as if all the ideas I have saved up are spilling out, insisting that they are put into my novel. But the thing is, if I were to do that, it just wouldn’t make for a good story. 

Setting the aim of writing my first novel was an easy decision to make, not as easy to complete. I find my writing style to have complex narratives, which involves a lot of planning, so it takes me quite a while. Once I get an idea down though, I find I can write like no tomorrow. 

When I do write, I always write it down on paper first, then type it up later at night. I find this way I can edit before I have even written it properly. When I first write down a scene I do it very quickly to get all the ideas on paper, then going back over to expand later in the day when it is still fresh, but I know it is there. 

I am going to try and write a big chunk of the manuscript during NaNoWriMo. I really feel that working towards that goal will help push me on, although I know that there is no way that it would be the finished piece. I’m expecting to re write it at least twice, to get it just right, and I know that 50000 is by far not enough to truly develop my novel. 

I am planning on Anouncing my novel and what it’s about soon, although I see it as more of a working title for the project. I feel that I know what the right title will be once I finish the manuscript. 

I would like to have a complete first draft done by Christmas, but who knows what life is going to throw. Either way, I know that’s a very doable goal for me if I really buzz through November 

I’ll keep everyone up to date on how it goes. I may even post excerpts, I’m always open to hearing feedback! In the mean time until I have something I’m proud of I’m going to keep planning and tapping away. 

So to my fellow NaNoWriMo’ers, good luck, and I’ll see you on the other side!




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