What I’m Reading – LOTR The Two Towers

I feel kind of guilty never having read Lord Of The Rings, and I decided I wanted to change that one day at my boyfriends house, who had his copy lying on top of his book shelf. It’s just so happened that he didn’t have the first one, so I’m jumping right into the middle. I’ve seen the movies, and the BF has already told me the story – a lot- so I was pretty confident I would at least know what was going on, even if that is no comparison for reading the book myself. 

Published in the 50’s, what stood out to me the most when I started reading it was how it gave me the feel of a book written before Morden writing. It is no where near as old as what it seems to be. It’s cosmic nature really does transcend it beyond time. 

The way Tolkien gives space and time to his characters lets their indervidual stories shine, none are competing against each other to get the best lines, but rather they are working together to make the whole novel better. Without going off to see the other characters when they split up, we would only have half a story, and it would nearly be half as entertaining. 

The voices of the characters are superbly done, no characters get sounds the same, they all have tier own qualities the others don’t. It’s this difference in the characters which keep the book interesting (you know, bar it being a really good story) because they are not interchangeable. You are rooting for each character because no two are the same. Even the “bad guys”- say the Orcs, are different. They have their own goals and personalities. How many people can create such a dense range of characters, feelings and emotions? 

All of this, and this is only a small part of a such a vast expanse of a story, a world. Even introducing a new concept or character you are overwhelmed by a sense that you know this, it seems familiar. Not in a way where you are just reading the conventions of any story, but in a warm way, as in your are meeting up with an old friend. 

If Tolkiens writing is like this across the whole universe, I know this isn’t the last book of his I am going to read. 


Siobhan x


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