How I Like To Write

When I was at uni, I studied Photography and Video for my degree, and having only just left, everything I learned is still fresh in my mind. I use it quite a lot in my writing as I am very able to visualise what I write, quicker than I am able to write it.

I think for one particular “scene” (I still call them scenes in my writing) I even gave myself camera directions to help me write it!

The more visual nature of my writing does mean that sometimes I feel my dialogue isn’t as good as what it could be. It’s definitely something I want to improve on.

  • Just go for it

When I have a specific scene I write from start to finish. This can sometimes get annoying as I think of the next great scene I want to write, but it helps me feel the story more. The more I break up the scene writing, the less I feel it flow out of me 

  • Write it down, then type it up

Writing my work down using the good old pen and paper stems back to school days, where I realised I learnt more when I wrote down the work myself, instead of hair reading off a print out. Writing my stories down first is the same thing to me. I have a far bigger connection to it when I write it myself. I can see it clearer in my mind (and I can’t make squiggle notes on my computer). 

However you like to write, if you have your own special way of doing it, do it like that, because nobody knows your sorry better than you. 


Siobhan X


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