How Not To Burn Yourself Out

With the start of November comes the marathon of NaNoWriMo, a month long slog of writing in which you must keep pace or fall behind. I think at this point it’s important to remember: don’t burn yourself out. 

Writing should be enjoyable, you should have an absolute need to write the story in your head. I’m not saying it won’t be hard, there are definitely days where it can drag, but the whole point of writing is that you want to do it. 

Taking some time to stand back and look at what you’ve created would not only help your peice overall (you’ll be able to see issues or ideas you want to develop), but it’ll help your mind.

Finishing a book can seriously drain your idea pot in your head, or, it could leave you with a 1000 things you want to carry on writing about. Going straight into your next idea without being ready can mean your next project won’t compare to your first, and you only ever want to get better, keeping your reading edging to know more. You don’t want to be forced to fall back on conventions someone has read time and time again. 

And remember, live your life. The biggest inspirations I ever get come from just living my life, experiences, people and places around me. If you force yourself to write, you are forcing yourself to ignore these wonderful potential inspirations. 

Take a deep breath, take a step back and congratulate yourself on what you have done. You deserve it. 


Siobhan x 


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