A break from a hiatus 

A little while ago, I ran into the problem of running out of things to say, pushing and pushing myself trying to break through the block. I had lost creativity and in turn, you could say I lost my mojo. Instead of not thinking about it, just writing whatever nonsense came to my head, I did the worst thing you could do and turn away. That only made me feel worse because I saw myself not creating anything, and I’m a person who lives for always having a project going.

I decided that I needed to get myself out of the hole of doing nothing, to take some time to just write, just to breathe and live. I wanted to give myself a goal to work with, so I set about trying to write a completely different story, one that was far more personal to me.

I stopped worrying that I didn’t know what to write, and just wrote the utter nonsense straight out of my head. I’m sure that 90% is so funnily bad when I go to edit it I’m probably going to laugh, but its the 10% that is keeping the story, and myself, going. It is still mostly awful, but I’m not letting it stop me. Even the best writers out there have first drafts!

To date, I have written about 35000 words, which is far better than I had gotten with my last book (it’s still there though! It pops its head up every once in a while, never forgotten!) To say I’m happy with this is an understatement. I keep reminding myself that in fact, that is good. No, it may not be a finished book, but chipping away every day will eventually get me there. At the moment, I’m averaging around 1000 words a day, some more, some less, but doing around 7000 words a week is nothing to be sniffed at. Rome wasn’t built in a day girl!

I have gotten to the stage where I am finding it difficult again, putting pressure on myself to GET IT DONE, even though I have no deadlines. I’m trying to be easier on myself this time though. The best thing that I’m sure I’m yet to appreciate is being able to do things on my own time when I want to. If somedays nothing strikes me, that’s ok. There’s no one to tell me the clock is ticking.

I found that creating a new schedule for myself is incredibly helpful to my goals. I wouldn’t be able to write 1000 words a day if I didn’t plan it. That’s not to say you can always plan when creativity strikes, but at the very least carving out some space in my day to let my imagination run wild is vital to me.

So this is me, breaking my hiatus, getting back into it for my own pleasure. I love being able to make my own world, and here I can share it with you guys. I hope soon I’ll be able to share the story with you, and you’ll love, hate and want to dive in with the characters as much as I do.

My Love Always,

Siobhan x

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