Tea for a Queen- Travel of the Week

There's nothing saying you have to take steep hill in one go. Stopping to rest doesn't matter, it might even let you appreciate how beautiful Lincoln is. Or at least that's what my mum would like to believe, as I strode past her on the cobblestones in my heels. She liked to remind me how … Continue reading Tea for a Queen- Travel of the Week

Home for Christmas- Travel blog

With it being so close to Christmas, not doing much was a lovely treat. We decided to take a day to ourselves and go to the cinema on Thursday, only to get there and discover that we were the only ones! With the whole cinema to ourselves we reclined the seats and settled in. We … Continue reading Home for Christmas- Travel blog

Lincoln Christmas Market

Even someone who loves to stay warm indoors has to agree that to get the best inspiration, you have to interact with the world. These interactions can be in whatever form you like, but going out of your way is the important part.