Home for Christmas- Travel blog

With it being so close to Christmas, not doing much was a lovely treat. We decided to take a day to ourselves and go to the cinema on Thursday, only to get there and discover that we were the only ones! With the whole cinema to ourselves we reclined the seats and settled in.

We went to see Mortal Engines, and whilst the film was good but could have done with more character development, which I feel they sacrificed for action scenes.

The Friday, however, was back to work. I am lucky, working in the centre of town, that I can visit so many wonderful places on my lunch break. One of my favourite places to sit, read a good book, and let my heart rate climb down from the day is the cathedral.

Peterborough has a magnificent cathedral, somewhere I like to go when the day gets too busy. The grounds, even though they are in the centre of town, may as well transport you somewhere else. Sound seems not to travel there, and it’s the perfect place to take yourself away from the busy hustle and bustle that engulfs most working days.

For the winter, it’s importance has been magnified, as it has opened its doors to the far to widespread homeless population. Anyone who has heard about England would know how cold it gets.

This year, the cathedral celebrated 900 years of existence, older than America! Sometimes you can just feel the history of a place, and this is one of them.

The Christmas decorations though, I’m not sure where I stand. The Christmas tree has been a source of contention I hear, some people love it, call it modern. Others… are not so happy. Myself, I think I would like to try something different, but for me it misses the mark, it is modern yes, but at a trade off of the feeling, that thing you can’t define, that say this is Christmas. I don’t feel it. Also it apparently cost £40,000 and only last 5 years. Not a happy tax payer.

The Rudolph however, I’m in love with. It’s so beautifully executed. Modern, but still has that je ne sais quio that just screams festive to me. 10/10.

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