Tea for a Queen- Travel of the Week

There’s nothing saying you have to take steep hill in one go. Stopping to rest doesn’t matter, it might even let you appreciate how beautiful Lincoln is. Or at least that’s what my mum would like to believe, as I strode past her on the cobblestones in my heels. She liked to remind me how silly my “nose bleed” heels are. But this I know, especially after having to take them to the cobblers after to fix the worn down soles. Serves me right.

But as long as you keep going (it’s enough exercise for a week) you’ll make it to the top, and reach one of my favourite shops of the whole city.

What do I like about Imperial Tea & Coffee? First and foremost, it’s a beautiful shop in an idlic location, just as you’d imagine old England to look. Both having far more than you’d expect whilst still remaining comfy, it balances perfectly the needs of the modern shopper and still retaining the old world charm I love so very much.

Inside, I was amazed at what was on offer. Teas and coffees with hilarious names (I had to take some pictures, below) and things I didn’t even know existed, but now I want so much!

This time though, I wasn’t shopping for myself, but in the hunt for gifts for all my coffee and tea loving friends and family. I’m happy to say I don’t begrudge it one bit, not if I get to spread the news about this place!

If you are ever in Lincoln and love some caffeine (or exercise) I definitely recommend popping in, you might be surprised at what you’ll find!

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