Molly’s Game- Game Over

Let me say, I loved the idea of this (somewhat illegal) story. The idea of a 26 woman running a badass poker game in a world of men made me think, “you know what, I can be a badass too!” And I’ve still got a few years to go to get there.

Now with the concept of the story out the way, let me get down to the writing of the piece. I feel that it lets the story down so much. It is such a unique thing to write about in the fact it is supposedly true. (I say supposed as we all know biographies tend to embellish).

There are holes left in the story, small holes, mind you, such as jumps in time, “how did she get there” moments etc.

What bothered me the most was the lack of finesse in the storytelling. I could tell it was a biography because the story was presented in an “and then this happens, and then this happened” kind of way, the natural flow of a novel was left to the side in way of telling us what happened.

Relationships in the book were never truly developed, apart from those of her parents, and so the reader is left not caring about a relationship collapsing that she obviously cares a great deal about, and it’s a real shame.

Overall, it was a great opportunity wasted, a few more drafts and get the flow of the story right and it could have been great. But for now, all I am doing is wishing it was better.

2/5 (harsh way to start the new year. Sorry not sorry)

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