Home for Christmas- Travel blog

With it being so close to Christmas, not doing much was a lovely treat. We decided to take a day to ourselves and go to the cinema on Thursday, only to get there and discover that we were the only ones! With the whole cinema to ourselves we reclined the seats and settled in. We … Continue reading Home for Christmas- Travel blog

A break from a hiatus 

A little while ago, I ran into the problem of running out of things to say, pushing and pushing myself trying to break through the block. I had lost creativity and in turn, you could say I lost my mojo. Instead of not thinking about it, just writing whatever nonsense came to my head, I … Continue reading A break from a hiatus 

How I Like To Write

When I was at uni, I studied Photography and Video for my degree, and having only just left, everything I learned is still fresh in my mind. I use it quite a lot in my writing as I am very able to visualise what I write, quicker than I am able to write it...

Organise Your Thoughts

If your anything like me, being a creative type has its issues, mainly how on Earth do I keep track of all my thoughts and ideas? Especially being most definitely type A, if i don't have a firm grasp of everything I tend to get myself into a state of annoyance...