JK Very Good Lives- Why Failure Is Good

Stepping into a new year can be daunting, with so much pressure to make yourself a new you, a better you. It's all about doing good things making waves, if you would believe the output of many publications. It can be hard at this time of year to accept that failure is good for you, … Continue reading JK Very Good Lives- Why Failure Is Good

Lean In- Or Should We?

It's fair to say that for many years, Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In was gospel to many a woman. Written from the perspective of a career woman looking to maintain a happy family, she addressed many aspects affecting young women, who want a job and a family. The balancing act that so many of us have to deal … Continue reading Lean In- Or Should We?

How To Stay Motivated 

I have a habit of starting off a project so full of enthusiasm, ready to go and to look back and see all the work I have done. But then, as the project moves on, it can be hard to keep that up, and the feeling of the wonderful idea slowly starts to fade into the background, or taken over by another wonderful idea...