How To Stay Motivated 

I have a habit of starting off a project so full of enthusiasm, ready to go and to look back and see all the work I have done. But then, as the project moves on, it can be hard to keep that up, and the feeling of the wonderful idea slowly starts to fade into the background, or taken over by another wonderful idea. But that is never going to let me create a full piece of work, skipping from an idea to another will only leave me with a half realised idea.

It’s getting trickier now with NaNoWriMo coming up, lurking its head around the corner. 50000 words in one month is going to take dedication. And to do it, I’ve written a list of things that can help keep the creative process flowing along. 

Some days the words will flow out of you, as if they are creating the story themselves. The simplest thing on those type of days is simply don’t stop. When I get those days I become the most antisocial person (but I say my characters enjoy hanging out with me!)

On the flip side, you have to know its ok that you may have times where nothing comes to you. It’s unrealistic to go full steam ahead every day and create something dense, thoughtful, just all round has multiple layers to it. Taking it slow on these days, you can stock up on ideas for when the words do hit you. There is no rush to creating your masterpice, let your story grow as you do.

Sometimes the motivation can leave you if you don’t connect enough with your story, your characters or maybe your plot. So go over your story, maybe Something just isn’t clicking for you, maybe you need to adjust some points. Maybe your plot is too simple, one you could have read 1000 times. Maybe it’s too complex, and your getting lost in a world you have created. But that’s ok, because finding where the problems lie mean you can fix them. 

Motivation, unlike a lot of things with writing, like trying to get published, is different, because it relies solely on what you are doing, other people are not involved. People can get in your way, or they can help you spark you inspiration, but your motivation, lies on your shoulders. Not everyone will be motivated all the time. We all have lives we have to live. But when you feel it, make sure you have that pen ready. 




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