Organise Your Thoughts

If your anything like me, being a creative type has its issues, mainly how on Earth do I keep track of all my thoughts and ideas? Especially being most definitely type A, if i don’t have a firm grasp of everything I tend to get myself into a state of annoyance.

I like Creating a timeline, both of my story, and if of an an over arching narrative over multiple books. Because if I don’t plan it all in advance, it can seem sloppy or rushed when I come to write it.

In a similar line to this, I’ve also created a table of important events- and what it means to each character. This is to make sure I have enough going on in my writing, and so it doesn’t get boring. It also helps me look an see whether I’m putting too much weight on one character (apart from my MC of course. Expect her to be in my writing a lot).

Here are some extra little points I feel might help you in your quest to get the record straight:

  1. Go beyond first thoughts- I always try and expand on my first idea of an event.
  2. Separate character archs- knowing the main story is one thing, but knowing each indervidual character and what their personal stories are is a little harder
  3. How does one characters actions influence another?- your characters don’t exist independently of one another, they all exist in tandem. What one does would have an impact on what another does, hair as it does for us.

I really hope this all helps if your planning an epic storyline, you’ll need some epic planning with it!


Siobhan X

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