JK Very Good Lives- Why Failure Is Good

Stepping into a new year can be daunting, with so much pressure to make yourself a new you, a better you. It’s all about doing good things making waves, if you would believe the output of many publications. It can be hard at this time of year to accept that failure is good for you, just as much as starting a new goal.

Perfection is what so many of us strive for, but that doesn’t mean perfection is the same thing to all of us. My perfect is not your prefect.

For the past few years I have been against New Years resolutions, instead trying to focus on making myself better any time of the year. And science agrees. A study’s have shown that those who wait until new year to start their goals end up doing worse than those who start before.

Some of my favourite quotes from this book really lend to the idea that life is not linear, that peaks and troffs only add to a tapestry that make our lives all the more interesting.

If we are afraid to fail, we would never fly. So try, even if you fall on your arse, at least you can say you did something.

I wish you all very good lives.

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